The Sales Professional’s Playbook

Being a professional salesperson is a noble career. Professional salespeople help individuals and organizations make some of the most important decisions. Success in sales takes talent, skills, discipline, practice, and, most importantly, honesty with a genuine concern for the client.

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T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution

Steve Smith’s T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution features the accumulated wisdom of nearly two decades of CPM best practices from around the world. The T4T, or Training for Trainers, movement is the most explosive and fruitful Church Planting Movement that we

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Tax Considerations of Publishing on the Kindle

Questions this book helps answer: What’s a Schedule C? Sole Proprietorship? Self-Employment Tax? What kind of expenses can I deduct from my business of writing and publishing books? Is this a hobby or a business? What’s a 1099-MISC? And more…

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