The Artistry of Blogging

writing-is-art: the artistry of bloggingA wonderful and strong reality is the Artistry of Blogging. When blogging for business or in other words to make money, there is no reason for the content to be less than appealing or interesting. Content can serve in many ways beyond the informative or professional dialogue.

Fact of the matter, when blogging for business, the depth of the article should also peak the senses. There are various ways to appeal to the masses in a way that will keep readers coming back for more.

The key elements to creating blog posts that matters include the following:

Voice and Expertise

Although you may be writing for many different audiences, it is important to maintain a consistent voice and level of expertise from beginning to end. E.g. when addressing a topic that is beyond the genre of personal opinion, include facts, references, and as many details as possible. There is no need for your post to be a step-by-step into the how-tos; however, it should be clear enough for your readers to understand the topic of discussion.

Find Balance

Blog posts should be between 500 to 1,000 word. Extremely short posts will not get you the attention you want from search engines and extremely long posts will not get you the attention you want from your readers. When writing and editing, there should be a nice balance between clarity and length. Be concise and stick to the point without repeating ideas when possible. Repetition will only add to the article length and potentially bore the reader.

Keep It Interesting

Avoid writing just to be writing. Be sure to know what it is you want to say and say it. Anyone taking the time to read what you have to say is in conjunction also evaluating if what you had to say was worthwhile. So when you say it, make it matter. A sure and quick way to lose readership is when information is just thrown out to the masses in unproductive and invaluable ways. Needless to say, poorly written and terribly boring rank high among the list as well.

Targeted Interest

There are several types of interests and picture perfect may be hard to find. Writing a good posts do not require perfection. Beauty as they say, “is in the eye of the beholder.” In other words, when writing you will need to keep in mind the purpose of your topic and the audience of delivery. Are you writing to entertain, instruct, or share an opinion? Whatever the case, these are typically the three categories that matters most. What can you tell me that I will enjoy (entertainment), what can you teach me that I may learn something new (instruction) or what you think and why should that matter to me (opinion)?

The First Three Seconds

You want to capture the attention of your readers within the first three seconds of the title and first paragraph of the post. In most cases, within the first three seconds the reader is deciding if the information is of interest and worth their while to continue reading. The title and first paragraph is considered the (teaser) moment. It is the time of make or break it.

Now What?

At this point, you have written, edited, and revised and published your article. Now What? The painting of words does not stop with the click of published. Now is the time to engage the reader into your world, into your discussion. Now is the time they reach out to you. Well written posts should also include a call to action. Something you want the reader to do after experiencing your ideas in the way of words. These actions could be in the form of answering questions through comments, subscribing to a newsletter, following you on your social network, or even a request to contact you via email for more information. Whether they decide to do so or not, it is better to ask, than it is to assume they won’t and you take action to ask at all.

What are your Ideas on Creating compelling Content?

People love sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions. In what ways have you found to be the most effective and interesting in distributing creatively?


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