BRIDALiz Magazine Articles

  • The Secret to Strong and Healthy Relationships

    There is no recipe for the perfect relationship. In fact, every relationship has bumps that can come up anytime. There are no easy answers and quick formulas. Relationships require time, commitment, and patience. So if your ready to get started, […]

  • Top 10 Things Women like About Men

    Men think that women are really hard to understand and can never be pleased. They believe that a strong, well-built, muscular body might be the only way to win any woman’s heart. However, what women like in men is not limited to physical […]

  • Gifts Can Keep Your Relationship Exciting

    You want to keep your relationship fresh, innovative and vibrant –what is the best way to do it? Well, one of the best ways to display your affection for a partner is to shower them with thoughtful gifts. It’s not all just about […]

  • Keep Your Marriage Out of the Danger Zones

    The promise of marriage for most, in sincerity, is forever. However, an alarming numbers of couples are taking deep and rapid strides towards divorce. Too easily, divorce is being seen as a solution to fix the things that challenge the commitment of […]