Communiquetor Magazine Articles

  • What Is Expectancy Theory?

    The Expectancy Theory provides an explanation of why a person may choose one behavioral option over another. The idea with this theory is that people are more likely to be motivated to do something because they think their actions will lead to their […]

  • Ten Effective Communication Skills

    Communication is a key factor for exchanging ideas, thoughts, opinions and generating a sense of familiarity between two individuals. According to statistics, 85% of success depends on the ability to communicate. Becoming a skilled communicator is […]

  • Managing and Preventing Debt Owed to You

    It’s easy to fall into a situation where we let late payments slide, often because we’re so busy doing the business and that feels more important. But keeping an eye on money owed and money coming in is vital if you’re to stay on […]

  • What To Avoid When Hiring A Web Designer

    You have a great idea for a new online business venture but no idea of how to create a website. Some people have urged you to use one of those services that offers website templates and will have your site up and running in a matter of hours. […]

  • Investing in Stocks and Shares

    In the stock market, buying stocks and shares remains one of the most profitable ways for private individuals to invest money. If the right stocks are selected, a healthy return on investment can be realized that will provide not only an increase in […]