How Alexa and Google Page Rank can Affect Your Website

google-alexa-page-rankIf you’re one of the many individuals who compete and strive hard to gain boost on page ranking online, you might be interested on knowing how these two analyzers begin their tracking system. Here, you will know certain steps on your webpage can be counted and rated on levels of ranking.

Alexa or Alexa Internet, Inc. Is recognized as an sister company known for its website and toolbar. The Alexa’s main function is to determine the number of traffic crowding a certain website by way of data collection on browsing history where it sends information to the web and store data for analysing. This type of transmission enables Alexa to produce their traffic reports. The role of Alexa is to obtain the number of traffic recorded on websites that is also a toll in promoting global ranking, a characteristic that has been supported by millions of users.

Users who utilize the Alexa toolbars for their browser such as Chrome, IE and Firefox are the ones Alexa tracks for information. This is the reason why their ranking survey is not soreliable because they can only track web browsers that users their toolbar. Low ranking websites are also suspicious on its accuracy because of this limited capability. Furthermore, the feed of data and longevity of tracking takes at least three months making it longer for users to know the result.

Using algorithm calculation, the Google Page Rank computes the number of all the links of a page whether incoming or outgoing. In Google ranking, your website may have to depend on several norm such as keywords and linking. Ranking is given when a link lands on your website and from your website a link to another page or a different website. Google on the other hand has been so secretive on the way they rank pages nevertheless, it is considered as one of the most visited site by users who wish to find a certain product or website.

Joining affiliate writing in which you can simultaneously post a link to your website will help increase the visibility of your website. If you can work on contributing articles to popular websites, the more you will be recognized and your website.

When it comes to linking, choosing one way link is better than those of reciprocal link, this is because in a reciprocal link, users are bound to get limited information between two websites.

If you can start creating a credible and informative site, you will gain recognition from users and even other webmasters on the internet. Ones you have established this, you can start requesting for a one way link to your website, your passport in increasing your ranking.

The SEO way is still your best tool when it comes to increasing your page ranking. Creating articles that have unique and dedicated key phrases will enable you to backlink your page as well as increase the options of users on where to search of their inquiries.

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As a freelance writer, Krystine Joy Sitjar is also a Cell Phone Expert. This made Krystine more interested on current gadgets and write about modern tools on internet protocols and online marketing. Aside from this, she manages to write about general topic on online business and marketing solutions.


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