How To Write Non-Fiction Book Reviews

Publishing and Writing: Writing Non-Fiction Book ReviewsBook reviews are among the articles that writers, journalists and bloggers publish. Actually there are Bloggers who specialize in writing book reviews. They set themselves a challenge to read a set number of books a month or year and then write reviews on each.

If you are catering to a special niche it makes this even easier as you get accustomed to reading material on that subject and therefore can analyze it more readily. You will find yourself not only considering the worth of the book you have just read but comparing its value to others that you have read. You should provide the title, author, and relevant facts about the author so readers will know if the author is an authority on the subject.

If you wish to review books on loss and grief , for example, you can review books that are about the experiences of others on this subject including difficult and times, or even the religious aspects on the subject, etc. You may even be surprised that the book you thought would only help persons in a specific situation helps those who face other challenges.

When you set out to write the review it is not a means to regurgitate the entire story as then there would be no purpose in persons eagerly looking forward to reading it. What you stress instead is the important messages that you got from the book. If it affected you in anyway also stress that fact.

Consider a number of questions that can help you to come to various conclusions about the book.Did it achieve what it was intended to do? If so, how did the author go about this? What impressed you most about the book? Were there any gaping holes? Was it inspirational and who are the persons who would most appreciate such a book? How did it influence you? Were there any experiences similar to yours? Did it change your views about certain matters?

The writer’s style of writing must also be a part of your comprehensive analysis. Was it formal or informal? Was the language used easily understood? Did you like the order of the contents?

To add clout to a book review you can also include a quotation or two that you think will bring out forcefully some points made in the book.

Some books include pictures that add to the whole impact of the story. You could highlight the type of pictures and the effect they are likely to have on readers. In other words did they add to what the author expressed in his/her book. An actual picture of the book will also go handy with the review. Authors aim to have catchy titles as well as appealing book covers.


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