Importance of Backlinks and How to Create Them

Backlinks play a very important role in search engine optimization (SEO). The building of backlinks is one of the most essential aspects of increasing the rank of a website and make pages more noticeable to search engines.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks is a term used to refer to hyperlinks that have been created from other websites to a specified website. For example, if someone creates a link on their website that links back to your website, that is considered a backlink. If enough people follow this suite, this increase the chances of improving the page rank for your site because search engines view this activity as valuable and the content received as quality.

Backlinks are not the only tools used to increase page ranks; however, they are essential factors and as a best practice, generating relevant backlinks throughout the web is a practice that should not be ignored. Several recommended ways to build backlinks include the following:

Natural Backlinks

Best links are not paid or exchanged but best links are earned or given by choices, says Matt Cutts. Natural backlinks are referred to as organic links. Organic links are those that are received without asking. Visitors value the content as quality and choose for themselves to create links to the content on their website or blog.

Directory Submission

Directory submission for building backlinks is a simple and automated way for generating backlinks. Some directory submissions company charge a fee and there are others online that offer free submission services. Some of the benefits include indexing of content into search engine databases, frequent bot visits, and increased web traffic.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most used and popular methods for building backlinks. It is the practice of generating content that is keyword focused. Most article directory sites have a large following. The strategy includes creating content that is unique and provides value to its readers. The article is submitted to various article directories online and once the article is included in the directories, the content is posted along with a backlink to your website in a signature or author by-line. To locate which article sites are getting the most exposure, go to Google Alerts and subscribe to the keyword alerts you want to receive. You can receive alerts for news, articles, blog postings, websites, groups or a comprehensive selection of all. Alerts can be setup to be delivered daily, weekly, or as the post happens. Alerts are delivered by email.

Syndication Networks

Submitting your site to a syndication network is a beneficial step towards building backlinks. Most syndication networks cover a wide range of topics and interests. Articles are posted to your site, and then a relevant site within the network links to that content. This type of backlinking is not an immediate process; it is a process that is built through creating quality content and time. As long as the content remain within the network, others sites will continue linking to the content and creating backlinks. Sites like Demand Media Blog Distribution Network, Technorati, and Newstex are good resources to start with.

Forums, Comment Boxes, and Guest Books 

Leaving valuable comments in guest books, blog comment fields, or forums, along with a link back to your website can generate valuable backlinks in a matter of seconds. Several tips to creating a valuable comment include: offer honest feedback, use relevant keywords within the body of your comment, offer additional insight on the topic at hand.


If your website does not currently offer blog posting capabilities, add marketing value to your site by setting up a blog. There are many free blog hosts online including Blogger and WordPress. The blog can be used for posting relevant articles, news, updates and information that may be relevant to your readers. Owning a blog also opens the opportunities for others to create backlinks to your content, as well as be included in content or article syndication directories.

Google Knol

Google Knol is a free site where content authors can create, collaborate, and publish credible content on the web. The site is a Google project intended to provide readers with user-written articles on a wide range of topics. Some articles are opinion, others informational, and some are how-to articles. Visitors are welcome to comment on the articles for reader engagement. It is definitely a useful way to create effective backlinks.

Social bookmarks

Social bookmarks are links to content and websites that others have considered valuable or share worthy within their social community. Popular bookmarking sites include Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Furl, Stumbleupon, Newsvine, Mixx, Diigo, Propeller, and Clipmarks. These sites also offer excellent opportunities for building more backlinks.

RSS marketing

There are several sites that index RSS feeds into their database for syndication across their networks. Popular sites include Feedburner, NewsGator, News is Free, Syndic8, RSSxpres, Meerkat, Feedster or twitterfeed. Publishing and syndicating content through RSS aggregators is nearly an automated way to promote content and generate backlinks.

Video Marketing 

Creating online videos that is instructional, informational, and bring value to its viewers is another effective way to generate backlinks. Videos can be created and uploaded to popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or UStream. Links to your website can be included within the description fields.


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