Random Word Blends for Choosing the Right Business Name

Random Word Blends for Choosing the Right Business NameChoosing the right business name is the good way to start your business. In a world where there are many variations of names, prose, and business services it is important to make sure you find a name that is unique to you and your business to brand as your own.

Perhaps your business is in its inception phase, meaning while in this stage, you are still working on finalizing some ideas. This is the process of visualizing, planning, and development of the type of business you want. It is also the time in which you are making decision on the direction you plan for the branding of your business. By the end of this phase, the business should have at least a tentative name. There is no rule that sets this into stone; however, as a business owner destined for more day-to-day decision making to come, you want to at least complete this portion of your process.

In this article, we will be performing a run through of some suggested ideas to use when choosing a name for your business. Choosing the right name from the start is important, because once the name goes public, it may be difficult to go back and change it later. We have provided some simple suggestions that have been tested and learned through experience.

There’s no requirement that says you have to choose a name that seems common or even make sense to others. Take a chance. Select some random business names for testing and trial runs. Although were going random, we also want to make sure, the business name signifies the nature of your work or the specific line of business you are catering to. Names that give no clear reference as to the type of business or nature of the work are often overlooked. Unidentifiable business names take time and research to figure the nature of the business. Be considerate and do the work for them by making the meaning of the business obvious within the name. For example, Joe Smith, LLC, tells us nothing about the business or what it is they do and risk potential customers not taking the time to find out. Same with promoting your business online, not only should the name be original, it should provide some indication as to the nature of the business. Do choose a clever name. People like thoughts that trigger ingenuity.

Go beyond how you feel or what you think. Step out of your comfort zone by allowing others in. Surveys are a great way to ask others for their opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Remember your customers and clientele are not you, therefore the focus and attraction should be towards gaining potential and new customers and increasing the audience of those that are interested in your market.

Add a little research to your process. Venture into words from other languages and try some random blends. Generate intrigue and curiosity. If interesting enough, some will wonder and others will even ask, Where did you get your name from or what is the inspiration behind your name? Be sure to choose a name with substance; a name that when translated in your native language, sounds magnificent, has valued meaning, or essence. For example, Savvy Writer in Spanish is Savvy Escritor, in Latin is Writer Xenium and these are just to name a few for ideas. Google Translator ( is a great tool for testing random words in other languages.

Etymologies are also a great way to stimulate name ideas. Etymologies are not exact meanings or definitions, but are origins. Origins of words can be found in resources like an etymology dictionary or book. Etymology books can be found at the Library or in book stores. Online resources include,, or

The industry of business is not easy. It is a world of complexity, strategy, and risks. The ideas presented in this article will hopefully help get you started as you work towards finding your perfect name for your business. Remember as you go, there are no rules when it comes to finding the naming convention; any idea may be the perfect one. Imagination is limitless and all things are possible!

Share your business name with us and tell us what ideas you used to generate your business name?


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