The Benefits of Article Marketing Online

The Benefits of Article Marketing Online


Article marketing is a strategy often overlooked because the process of writing and producing article content is considered time consuming and slow in producing results. Contrary to popular opinion, article marketing is a strategic process that can produce tangible results when the benefits are understood and processes are executed appropriately.

The first benefit of article marketing includes generating leads. Lead generation is the process of capturing the attention of those that are interested in your topic and the services you have to offer. It is the process of generating or stimulating interest.

The third benefit of article marketing, includes generating revenue. Revenue generation is the process of transforming those interested in your topic and the services you have to offer into prospective customers. Revenue generation is the systematic approach to selling more products and services. The system includes making the initial contact, fitting the criteria, fitting the need, qualifying of expertise, proposal of solution, solidifying the benefits, and closing the deal.

Building the audience is one of the primary focuses when article marketing. There are 5 primary components that attract and build audiences:

1) Writing articles that are produced well and are worth reading. Understand, article marketing is business writing that is purposed to market. Article marketing is not creative writing, it is writing that serves the community of business.

2) Selecting keywords and keyword phrases that are specific to the targeted audience. If the target audience is a community of

interior designers, keep the focus of the article on topic. Make sure the article demonstrates the depth of your knowledge and the width of your expertise. Simply telling your audience, you know a lot about the topic is not enough. Real fans want to know the problem you are tacking, they want to see how you approach the solution, and how well you arrive at the resolution. Make sure the selected keywords and keyword phrases are used in both the body and the headline of the article.

4) Submit your articles to a distribution service for a wider range of exposure on the Web. Distribution services take the manual leg work out of submitting and marketing your articles one-by-one yourself. Submission and marketing time is reduced and more time is available to produce more articles.

5) Publish online press releases on a regular basis. Press releases cover a variety of topics including promotions and products, partnerships, and services. Online Press releases not only offer the opportunity to share your topic and share your message in the media space, but they also open the window for others to find you, learn more about the business, and share that information with others.

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