Creative Writing for Beginners

Creative Writing for Beginners


Creative Writing for BeginnersWhat is creative writing? Creative writing can be any writing, whether it is fiction, poetry or non-fiction, that is crossing the boundaries of professional, journalistic, academic and technical forms of writing. It is relevant to mention that writing for the screen and playwriting normally have their own programs of study, but they are accepted under the creative writing category too.

Now that we have clarified what is creative writing, we can continue with the next step – writing creatively. What is important for every beginner to know is that there is no such thing as inspiration. If one is waiting for the inspiration in order to start writing creatively, they will never start. It is extremely important for a writer to write on daily basis, even when they feel under the weather or they don’t feel like writing at all. The only way a writer can learn and become better is by writing.

However, there are certain techniques that can help in creating an effective piece of art, especially if publishing stories, writing novels and publishing books in general is your goal.

According to Natalie Goldberg, the author of the book “Writing Down the Bones – Freeing the Writer Within”, one of the major rules in writing novels and stories is “showing” instead of “telling”. What differs creative writing from other forms of writing is the usage of literary tools, such as style, viewpoint, descriptive words, tone etc. It’s been proven that showing and not telling is one of the most effective writing methods. So it is important to reduce the usage of the verbs “is”, “are”, “was” and “were” to a bare minimum.

Another rule of writing effectively is to use details whenever possible. The whole point of publishing stories and publishing books is to let readers escape from their everyday lives into another life, happening in a different place and time. The only way to achieve this is by using details. The most beautiful pieces of art will allow its readers to see the rainbow’s glowing colors or the little girl’s crying eyes. For example, instead of saying that a character is feeling tired it is better to say that his muscles are rebelling and demanding a break.

To conclude, a guide to cooking will not teach you how to cook until you try to do it yourself. It’s the same with writing. The above mentioned tips can be very helpful, but nothing can replace hours of hard work that are ahead of you, and the experience you will gain from it.

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