Early Days On The Blog Traffic Trail

Early Days On The Blog Traffic Trail

So you have decided to embark on a journey in the Blogging world and you are now deep in contemplation about how to gain traffic on this new trail.  The first thing you will need to realize is that you have to be prepared to work real hard. It is not going to come overnight for most of us.  It literally demands an overdose of patience and perseverance.

There is no doubt that you have to decide exactly what your Blog is going to be about and your ability to come up with topics on a regular basis. Every one has time constraints and at times it seems as if one needs more than 24 hours in a day. However try to update your Blog at least 2 – 3 times a week. Have the good content flowing and make sure to have catchy headlines that will draw the attention of surfers.

There are some persons who have money and will pay to advertise their blogs but those who do not have the means will need to go on sites that give an opportunity to expose your Blog for free. The social media readily come to mind with Facebook and Twitter being highly rated. As a matter of fact some even opt to have a Facebook Fan Page to give their Blog promotion a further edge. One cannot forget other social media like StumbleUpon, Digg and others.

It does not stop there and the avenues seem almost endless. Check some of these sites and your promotion will get an even further boost –  Traffup, Expose Your Blog, BlogUPP, BlogFrog, Blogger.com, BlogSurfer.us and Entrecard. In some instances they offer paying opportunities that will enable you to get even better traffic.  You can also list your Blog in a number of directories. Again there are those that are free and those for which you have to pay.

When you go on the web you will find no shortage of traffic exchanges but using them will prove to be rather time consuming. You may even get a bit worried as you surf them. Why? This is due to the fact  that you will be bombarded by so many other traffic exchanges who are also advertising. You will probably ask yourself several questions – Where are the Blogs that are similar to mine?  Am I at the right place? Am I wasting my time? One can only hope that in a number of instances your Blog and its posts will grab the attention of some surfers and more Followers will come your way.

Rest assured once you find yourself doing more surfing than writing it is time to take stock and look elsewhere for exposure. Pinging sites are one such option. Some key ones are Pingomatic, Pingler, Feed Shark, Ping My Blog, Pingates, Blog Buzzer and Ping That Blog.  Each of these sites pings many web services at a time saving you a lot of work.

Once you are fully on the way it is time to get a Blog Button. You can opt to try a number of tutorials and if you find any difficulty then you can seek the help of a professional at this. The big advantage of having a Blog Button is that you can share this button with other Bloggers. When other Bloggers place your button on their Blog you will get some well needed exposure. However remember that it is not a one way street so in return the correct thing to do is to also place their buttons on your Blog. Under each button there is usually a code that you can get in order that other Bloggers can readily place it on their Blogs.
As you find yourself gaining more Followers and comments you may wonder if  some of your earlier posts have gone to waste especially when you have achieved the Blog Post 100 hallmark. No sweat, there is the LinkWithin widget that you can place on your Blog. It will appear under each post showing thumbnails and previous Blog post titles that are related to the current post. This will make visitors stay for some time and also come back to read those posts. You will therefore benefit from more Pageviews and more traffic.

Blogging is a career that demands a great deal of diligence and determination. Any time you start feeling frustrated and wondering if you should throw in the towel just remember these words of Jonathan Lockwood Huie ” Patience, persistence and perseverance. A little more each day, a little better each day.”

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