Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business Blog

Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business Blog

More and more companies are recognizing the advantages of having their own blog. Unfortunately however, more and more companies are also learning about the disadvantages of having a poorly managed one.

If you are a small business owner who is considering entering the world of blogging for the benefit of his business, there’s one very important thing to understand. A business blog and a business website are two very different things. And just because you understand how to run one, that does not mean that you know how to run the other.

Business blogs come complete with a range of potential pitfalls simply not found in traditional business websites. I will now outline eight common mistakes that can spell disaster for just about any business blog.

Stuffy, Overly Formal Content

When writing for a traditional business website, a certain professional tone is generally recommended. When it comes to business blogging however, that tone should be forgotten about completely. Blog posts should be written in a conversational, informal tone. You should be aiming to connect with readers on a one on one basis. A business blog should convey the human side of a company.

An Irregular Posting Schedule

If you are not going to update your business blog regularly, you would be better off not having one. When potential customers visit your blog and notice that it hasn’t been updated in a few months, it reflects very poorly on your business. If your business doesn’t bother to keep its blog updated, what else doesn’t it bother to do? Therefore don’t start a blog unless you intend on posting new content on a regular basis.

A Lack of Entertainment Value

Unlike traditional business websites, web users visit business blogs to be entertained, not to research products or to purchase them. And because it’s entertainment that they are looking for, that’s exactly what your business blog needs to provide if you want it to be successful. Don’t write boring posts where you rant about your latest products. Aim to educate your readers, aim to make them laugh and aim to make them glad that they checked out your businesses blog.

Unrelated, Off Topic Content

Although a business blog is supposed to be entertaining, everything that’s posted on it should be related to either your business or the industry in which it operates. It doesn’t matter how entertaining your readers might find posts about the latest celebrity antics, such posts have no place on a business blog. Remember that everything you post on a business blog has the capacity to affect the reputation of your business.

Too Much Hard Selling

There is nothing wrong with promoting your businesses products or services in the posts that you write, in fact, doing so is very much recommended. But if your entire blog is nothing but a sales vehicle for your products, you’re going to have a very hard time establishing a loyal readership. You should be aiming to offer the readers of your blog real value in terms of useful information and entertaining content. Otherwise you will end up with a business blog that nobody ever reads.

Poor Comment Moderation

When it comes to the comment section on a business blog, both careful moderation and well crafted responses are essential.

  • Moderation is required because you don’t want potential customers being put off your business by inappropriate comments. Such comments are frequently left.
  • Responses are essential because if one of your customers takes the time to tell you something, you need to respond in kind. Failing to do so makes you look like you do not care about the opinions of your customers.

Poor Appearance/Amateur Design

Despite the fact that an informal tone should be used when posting content, a business blog still needs to have a professional and aesthetically pleasing design. It should be easy to use and it should incorporate a simple navigation system. Basically, you should be aiming to release a blog that rivals your primary website in terms of design quality. The days of blogs being thrown together hastily are long gone.

Insufficient Marketing

Finally, another common mistake made by small business owners when they first publish a blog is forgetting to market it. If your new business blog is not located within your existing website, how is anybody going to know that it exists if you don’t tell them? You should promote your business blog using social media and it should be heavily advertised on your existing website. What good is a business blog if nobody knows about it?

Robin Cole hosts his blog with Orlando best data center. He likes sharing blogging tips with beginners so as to help them avoid mistakes while starting a business blog.

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