Ghost Writing 101

Ghost Writing 101

What is ghost writing?

Ghost writing is the profession of writing books for someone else and representing that person as the author. A ghost writer may write on almost any subject or in any genre. Others specialize in a certain type of work, such as books, screenplays, memoirs or novels; or they may write mainly on a specific subject, such as biology, history, politics, music, or fashion.

Specialization is popular because authors are able to target specific clientele such as business owners, educators, lawyers and doctors. Authors are also able to target the specific type of work wanted such as writing novels, journals, biographies, speeches or articles. Regardless of the topic or genre, to be successful, ghost writers must be flexible, must be able to adjust their writing style and voice to fit the nature and context of the contract and author. Ghost writers are hired to help others develop their thoughts and ideas, stories, concepts and information into professionally polished works.

We have look at what ghost writing is and now you may be wondering how one would go about launching a career in ghost writing. To be a successful writer, we must address the first things first such as honing writing skills. There are many resources online for improving writing skills such as,, and There are also many workshops, webinars, and articles available on,, and

When considering a career in ghost writing, we must consider the preliminaries such as what are your interests? Do you plan to specialize or generalize? Are you flexible and willing to meet deadlines? Are you able to commit to someone elses project regardless of timeline? Are you willing to give up the rights to the work you produce? Are you willing to forgo seeing your name in print? Are you a good listener? Are you a good interviewer? Are you willing to learn? There are many factors to consider and these are just to name a few. It is good to research and perhaps partner with other people and associations like or to develop a network and support system as a part of your career resources. Websites like,,, and offer ghosts writers a platform for getting started in the profession and getting paid work.

What’s next?

If you are going to launch a career in ghost writing, you are going to need a website. A website will help you introduce yourself to your clients, provide an overview of your experience, and provide samples online to showcase your writing skills. Put your best foot forward and make sure the site is professional looking. Judging books by the cover has become common practice in most societies. So always keep this in mind, presentation does matter! Network with others, ask questions, and inquire about potential writing opportunities. Advertise your services social network platforms like,, and Seek and get to know others that are successful ghost writers. Find some mentors to learn from and follow in their steps. Keep your attitude professional, continue to develop your craft, and always meet your deadlines.

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