Hiring a Ghostwriter

Hiring a Ghostwriter

by Barbara Howard

Even if you can write, it might make more sense to hire one or more ghostwriters to provide your articles. Needing hundreds of articles in a short amount of time will make it necessary to hire several.

There are many reasons to have someone else do your writing. The hard part is, finding a good, affordable ghost writer. You can post a bid request for the work at one of the freelance sites, such as www.elance.com or www.rentacoder.com , but you may not get a writer who can do a decent job.

One of the major problems you may find at these sites is the fact that in order to get a low price, they often hire writers who don’t speak, or write, English very well. This doesn’T mean that the writer is a poor one, it simply means that they don’t know English well enough to provide the content you need.

Plagiarism is often another problem you will find at these sites. If you purchase articles from a writer at a freelance site, go to copyscape at www.copyscape.com and run each article through to make sure that the work is original.

Your best bet is to hire someone who you can use exclusively for all of your writing needs. Most of these writers are quite expensive, but you can find some that will write good articles at a reasonable price. One company that hires good writers and charges affordable rates can be found at www.writingandtranscriptionservices.com; this site offers you 300 – 500 word articles written for under ten dollars.

The best way to get what you want from another writer is to relay exactly what you are looking for. Providing the writer with a list of topics or titles for the articles is a very good idea. This allows the writer to see exactly what you are looking for. A good writer will get your articles done quickly. The time will depend on how many articles you need, and how much research the writer must do.

Most ghostwriters will want part of their money before they start working for a new customer. This deposit is usually equal to one third or one half of whatever the total cost will be. Once you and your writer have established a good working relationship, however, they may allow you to pay only upon completion.

Barbara Howard is an author, internet radio personality, and speaker.

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