Training: How to Incorporate Social Media

Training: How to Incorporate Social Media

Many businesses are embracing the power of social media technology and virtual education and training in the workplace. In today’s competitive markets, it is vital for businesses do everything within their power to ensure staff members possess the skills and resources needed to succeed. Social media offers a vast variety of possibilities and tools for expanding training into the virtual classroom and internet space. Social Media can be used to engage participants in group discussions, collaborative teamwork, and enriched educational experiences.

To incorporate social media in your contact center training, first evaluate a variety of existing social media sites to determine which type of social media community will be the best fit to meet the needs of your organization. Social media sites and software can range from hosted third party social sites like LinkedIn and Ning, to partially and self-hosted sites like KickApps and Yammer. As to which type is best for your company, the primary benefactors rest in the overall goals and expectations you need to accomplish.

Topics of interest to consider when reviewing Social Media types include the following: Are you looking to build the Social Media platform internally or externally? Are you looking to provide real-time access to content materials? Will the training be instructor-led or self-paced learning? Will access to materials and group members be public or private? Will content be posted and moderated by instructors or will content be generated and managed by group members?

Social Media systems can be setup to foster a variety of interactive collaboration and content. Unlike the complexities of yesterday with content management systems and modules, instructors can now setup and publish content on blogs and wikis in a matter of minutes.

According to John Orlando, PhD, author of ‘Integrating Social Media into Online Education,”

“Many faculty are teaching fully online courses though a combination of social media and LMS systems. For instance, Michelle Pacansky-Brock uses Moodle to manage assignments and maintain her gradebook, and Ning to teach her class. Steve Kolowich uses Moodle plus Skype and Elluminate to add interactive elements to his online courses. At Norwich University, I’ve added blogs, wikis and webinars outside of our LMS to provide students with an opportunity to explore issues within the profession that interests them.”

Other resources to incorporate social media into your contact center training:

GoingOn – provides a quick and easy way to build online communities. Through use of social web technology, the GoingOn platform enables learning institutions with the tools to deliver online knowledge management and social collaboration, increased student engagement and instructor productivity.

Learning Objects – is social software for learning environments. Student are provided with their own learning space, personal blogs in Facebook-like environments to collaborate and share information.

Yammer – is a private social network that enables users to communicate, collaborate, and share topics and ideas in the Internet space. Groups can share files, images, and links online.

Edublogs – provide tools for instructors to create, manage, and design student and teacher blogs. Teachers can add videos, photos, and podcasts to pages.

Collaborize Classroom – is an online learning platform that allows students interact and share ideas through online discussions. Instructors have the opportunity to increase participation inside and outside the classroom.

SymbalooEDU – instructors can create their own virtual learning environment and manage training materials online. Students are able to connect with other students and teachers are able to connect with other teachers.

EDU 2.0 – provide free learning environments for instructors to create virtual classrooms, create and grade assignments, manage content, and encourage group participation through classroom blogs, wikis, and forums that are built into the community.

Many businesses are embracing the power of social media technology and virtual education in workplace. Tell us how you are incorporating it into your business practices?

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