Increase the Sales Productivity of Your eCommerce Business

Increase the Sales Productivity of Your eCommerce Business

ecommerce-business-productivityeCommerce is fast changing and before you know it, you might be at the end of the pack. Keep your productivity levels high to be able to keep up with the race. Here are some suggestions on how to increase your productivity.


Manage your people well and they will lead your business to success. Information technology has come a long way in terms of helping workers be productive. Information technology allows your people to have access to important information needed to make better decisions. Quick, effective decisions allow for more sales.

Information technology also allows your staff to improve themselves through training. You can develop training materials that they can access in your local network. Set aside some time every month for each employee to undergo training.

You can also use IT to get suggestions from your employees on how to improve your processes. You can also assess their strengths and weaknesses through some tests and questionnaires.

Better trained and better informed employees increase sales productivity in the company.

Time and Project Management

Take advantage of time and project management software available in the market. If you have iPads in the office, download apps that can help everyone manage their time and projects properly. Preparing a timetable weeks or months ahead will give you a good idea where you are and where you want to be. You can finish your projects on time and prepare for growth.

Ability to Respond to Problems

You must respond to problems and respond to them quickly. Do not dillydally. You can lose money by not responding to problems whether they are internal or customer-related. Always have a contingency plan ready. What would you do if there was a sudden power interruption? What happens when there is a typhoon and you can’t deliver your goods? There are so many things that can go wrong in one day and you must always anticipate them. Train your staff on what to do in case problems arise. Your staff must also be empowered to make decisions when problems happen and you are unreachable.


As business grows, you should think about outsourcing services such as order fulfillment and contract packaging. Order fulfillment companies can improve your sales process. You can customize a set of services with an order fulfillment company or ship your sales process entirely to them. They can help you on areas such as logistics, customer service and sales reporting. They can provide you with a warehouse to store your products in. When an order comes in, they will pack the order, add any additional materials that you like such as brochures and ship it to the customer.

In this day and age, if you’re not keen on change and updated on the latest in innovation, you will surely get left behind. Increase your productivity by using the resources available to you.

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