Leap Into the Blogging World

Leap Into the Blogging World

We have all heard the saying “Never say never.” Well, if someone suggests to you that you should start a Blog or website do not just brush it aside. Once you have internet service and you are a writer this is a way to hone your skills and get the writing juices flowing.

If you choose to ignore this you will get a regular reminder from several writers’ publications. They constantly stress the importance of freelance writers having a Blog or website. In other words, the importance of having a regular online presence. If you want editors and publishers to consider that you are really serious about writing do not let them Google your name and it only comes up on Facebook. By the way, no disrespect to Facebook, Twitter or other social media. They are going to prove extremely important once you enter the blogging arena as they will give your posts further exposure whenever you post on such sites. Furthermore this will be free advertisement for you.

Ready, set, go! Start the writing race and allow yourself to be swept by the Blogging wave! It is best that you write about something that you are seriously passionate about. It may appear to limit you to niche writing but you could be in for a surprise. You are likely to get visitors and followers to whom you had not geared your Blog.

When you are comfortable with what you are blogging about you find the ideas, topics and so much more coming at you with lightning speed. In other words facing writer’s block will not be a regular occurrence on this journey.

Once the ideas start flowing get writing but it is also important that you come up with some catchy headlines. For instance instead of writing ‘Roses are my favorite flowers’ you could probably write ‘What is your favorite flower?’ Readers will be drawn by the question and will not only comment on your favorite flower but share those that number among their favorites.

Speaking of comments, they are very important to encourage you to keep on keeping on but do not get discouraged if they do not come readily in the early days of your Blog. As you gain more exposure which in turn leads to more visitors and followers the comments will start coming your way.

Good manners are extremely important. A very busy schedule may not allow you to respond to every comment when your Blog is well on its way but try to show those who comment your appreciation. This will make them willing to comment on other posts. If you keep ignoring them they may not bother to visit your Blog again. It would also be good for you to interact with other Bloggers so visit their Blogs and share your comments also. This is a two way street that you are on.

A very important fact to note is that the Blogger writes in a more relaxed language. However do not for one moment think that you can throw grammar and spelling through the window. Present your post in a neat and orderly manner. Avoid the tendency to put a line through errors and leave them there for readers to see.

You might also be wondering how long should your Blog post be. They are varying views on this. This depends on the subject and the type of blog you are hosting. When you visit Blogs you will find that many posts are on the shorter side. Most people are very busy and do not have the time to read long posts. Anyway if the subject demands it and someone considers it very important to them they will take time out to read it so go ahead and have your say.

If you are thinking of publishing a book some day, blogging is your chance to come up with a lot of material that will eventually fill the pages of that book.

Rest assured it is a blogging world. There are so many blogs about every subject online. So start Blogging today. You will be surprised at how quickly you are bitten by the Blogging Bug and a wide range of benefits await you.

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