Link to the Major Players in Search Engine Technology

Link to the Major Players in Search Engine Technology

Whether you are a website or blog owner, generating traffic to your site is a vital part of your business growth. With more traffic your business can produce more visibility and revenue. Online advertising is one way to get your name and business in front of potential customers and visitors; however, as business owner, it is important to focus your time on setting the foundation of your online presence among the sites that are highly recommended and most used throughout the internet and directories.

There are many companies that offer automated submission services and products that promise inclusion to the best search engines; and some may be true to their statement, but at what cost? There are many search engines online that accept websites and blogs into their network databases and for free.  Unlike paid advertising, establishing an online presence among the major players in search engine technology can prove to be a continuous stream of targeted traffic and increased revenue.

AOL Search

Submission to the AOL Search directory is completed manually through the Open Directory Project (dmoz). The AOL search directory is AOL Search® is a comprehensive search engine that provides quick and easy relevant results for content such as videos, pictures, websites, maps, news, and more. For video inclusion to this search engine, go to TRUVEO. Truveo is a subsidiary of AOL Inc.


Alexa is one of the largest databases that contain information about websites. The site also offers detailed information on site traffic, related links, and rankings. To add your site, register and submit your website information for inclusion into their database.


Ask does not provide access for URL submissions. In order to submit your site to the Ask search engine, you must create an XML sitemap for their servers to ping. The ping URL string is:
Replace (yoursitename) with your site’s domain name and make sure the XML file exist in the file location specified in your training extension (/sitemap.xml). If you do not have a XML site map, one can be generated at: Once submission is completed, you will see a browser message “Your Sitemap submission was successful” generated by Ask Sitemaps.


Bing is a “decision engine” web search engine by Microsoft. Listings include websites, images, videos, search suggestions, related searches, and in a recent deal with Yahoo!, is going to be the platform that power Yahoo! Search.


The Open Directory Project (dmoz) is one of the largest catalogs of websites. The database is maintained by a global community of volunteer editors. The database is widely distributed across the web and is the core power behind some of the most popular search engine portals, including Netscape search, Google, Lycos, and AOL. A comprehensive list of search engines and portals that are using directory data can be found on the Open Directory Project website.

Google search is one of the most globally used search engines across the web. Millions of search queries are submitted daily by various users, data, and information services. Users are able to locate information including websites, books, photos, videos, and more. Google search provides more than 20+ special features beyond standard word search capabilities including searches for stocks, maps, weather, interests, entertainment, language translation, and more.

Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Search is a search engine that offers relevant content and information in its web search results which are generated in response to the keyword search submission. The search engine crawls and indexes billions of pages with information, photos, videos and more into its database.  Yahoo! offers several ways to submit your site and content, including free site and mobile site submission, product submission, directory submission, and more.

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