One-click search results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

One-click search results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

In traditional search methodology, users enter in keywords and key phrases in the query field and search results with the highest rankings are populated and displayed on the search page. But a new search engine is operating differently. is claiming to take the methodology of search, information, and sharing from ordinary to extraordinary. Search results are no longer title page, URL, and description summary, but users are now able to Quick View any site from the search page. Quick View displays the homepages of the sites in live iframe windows. Users do not have to leave the search page to open and view the search result’s pages, which may or may not have the information the user is looking for; therefore, initiating more searches in attempt to find the information needed. To build a faster and smarter system, users are also able to post comments and rank sites from the search page.

“Bgin is a Meta search engine that allows users to get the best results from Google, Yahoo! and Bing with one click,” says spokesman Todd Dechter.

Users are able to create a customized search experience from the MyPage portal. Results can be personalized and shared on Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media networks from the personalized search portal. From one query field, one location, and one-click users can search Web content, News, Images, Twitter posts, Articles, Blog Posts, and Videos. Search results gather from Google, Yahoo, Bing or through the “Compare Them All” feature. MyPage is a multi-portal that hosts six+ in-line windows within one portal page. Users can track multiple search results at the same time, in any given category, in separate in-line windows, including RSS news. To enhance ease and usability, the experience can be personalized through custom layouts and themes. In preferences, users can select the number of results displayed per page, select preferred languages, add search suggestions, and select to open search results in a new window.
“Because the [number of] Internet users is growing, and [they are] constantly increasing their web knowledge, we feel that [effective] organization of web results is important to give online users quick and accurate information,” says Dechter. “We feel you’ll genuinely enjoy your search experience with Bgin.”
Bgin’s advertising network, which is part of the Frazoo search network, span media communities like YellowUSA, Verizon Wireless,, 411 Locate, Citysearch, and more. The Bgin search portal offers a fresh step towards a smarter, faster, and innovative community engine.

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