Quick Steps on How to Write Self Help Books

Quick Steps on How to Write Self Help Books

If you are looking to increase credibility, writing a self help book is an easy and effective way to do it. Among the multitude of genres, self help is one of the most popular since people are continually looking for ways to improve their lives.

Writing a self help book is not a mystery. Once you learn the basics, there are no limits for your career; simply wash, rinse, and repeat the process to keep it going.

There are many people that have started their careers in the arena of self help. These professions have come in many forms including personal coaches, mentors, and consultants. If you are good at what you do, and are well received by your peers, the public, and media for your specific niche or expertise, there are very strong possibilities that you can move very quickly among the ranks of well known and recognized professionals.

Steps to Getting Started:

Section I

  • Choose a theme or specific topic
  • Identify your target audience
  • Identify what it is you can do for them
  • Identify how you are going to do it
  • What questions will you answer?
  • What lessons will they learn?
  • What new ideas will you teach?
  • What will be their action items?
  • What will be the accomplishments?

Section II

  • Create the outline
  • Each chapter should be specific to that topic of interest.
  • There is no standard rule; however, you would want to have at least seven to ten main topics.
  • Within the main topics, create a list of subtopics for each category

For example, if your book was about cooking meat loaf, your chapter would look something like this:

Topic: How to cook a meat loaf

  • Ingredients
  • Supplies
  • Portions
  • Preparation
  • Serve

Section III

  • Choose a catchy title
  • Spend time brainstorming title ideas
  • Ask others for their opinions
  • Get feedback from others

Section IV

  • Avoid getting overwhelmed by writing one section at a time
  • Avoid thinking about the whole book and the work that is required ahead
  • Avoid the self-imposed pressures of trying to finish it all quickly
  • Write what feels comfortable to you; whether it is several paragraphs or several pages. The point is, pace yourself and eventually, you will reach your milestones.

Section V

It is your responsibility, as author, to proofread and edit your work. Blatant grammatical and spelling errors are simply unacceptable in most industries. Therefore, you want to present not only yourself, but your work also as fine-tuned and professional. Therefore, take the extra time needed to review and fine-tune your work. There are many online and offline software tools that can help you with proofreading and editing.

If proofreading and editing are not your strengths, then consider hiring a professional editor to help you with completing your book for publication.


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