Companies that offer the Benefits of Telecommute work

Companies that offer the Benefits of Telecommute work

Internet technology has offered for many, the convenience of working from home and employers the ability to offer employees the opportunity to telecommute, also known as remote work. With a computer and internet connection, telecommute workers are able to complete work assignments from anywhere in the world.

Technology web tools like web conferencing, desktop sharing, and video presentations make it easy for telecommuters to attend meetings, conference calls, and communicate with clients from home or while traveling. Telecommuting is replacing the traditional setting of working within an office environment.

Most telecommuting employees work as independent contractors. However, there are many companies that have opted to including this trend of opportunities into their existing job markets. Telecommuting is a growing trend in which many employers are embracing. is one of the largest organizations in world for private professional services that offers consulting, enterprise risk, tax, audit, delivering and financial advisory services with the help of its firms. Deloitte provides consulting services in ERP, business strategy and operations, human resources, and outsourcing. is one of the leading suppliers of networking equipment for the network of the companies and network management of the internet. Products include routers, switches, many security devices ASA, firewall, hubs, redundant devices etc. Cisco Systems sell networking and system management and communications technology products and services along with the development of the networks and technologies. Cisco based in San Jose, California, Cisco Systems has 3 main brands that they promote: Cisco, Linksys and Scientific Atlanta. Cisco has their origin specialization in the enterprise (business) market, Cisco has moved to the home networking market as well. is a comprehensive network solutions provider, leading in the industry. They give guidance to the world’s leading organizations. Brocade gives strategic business objectives such as cloud computing, virtualization, consolidation, and network convergence. Brocade solutions today are used in over 90 percent of Global 1000 data centres as well as in enterprise LANs and this are consider to be the largest in service provider networks. is one of the leading organizations in microprocessor that run desktops and laptops and in computer servers. Intel captures almost 80% of the market shares in microprocessors. Intel also dipped hands in embedded semiconductors for medical, industrial purpose, and in vehicle market. is one of the leading global management consulting companies that also provide technology services and outsourcing. Accenture do collaboration with the clients and gives them the support and help to become high performance businesses and governments., S C Johnson and Son is another company that offers telecommuting opportunities. The company is known for its brand names like Windex, Ziploc, Pledge, Glade, and Edge. Employee testimonials and their job search portal are available online., American Fidelity Assurance (AFA) is one of the leading group in insurance and supplement services. They provide the health insurance products, voluntary supplemental life and many other services to more than 1 million customers across US and 30 other countries. The insurance plans include cancer, life, disability, long term care, and hospitalization insurance. Many tax deferred annuity and flexibility spending programmes are also provided by the company on regular basis. AFA carries many units or firms those serve the primary and secondary education employees and trade association members., NetApp is one of the largest data management solutions and innovative storage vendor in the market. NetApps offers many professional services include assessment services, consulting services, implementing services, solution suits and managed services. It helps organizations around the world store, protect, manage and retain their data. NetApp provides data management solutions and innovative storage that help customers accelerate business breakthroughs and achieve outstanding cost efficiency., Shared Technologies, Inc. is included in the top ten in telecommuting services. They supplies Internet protocol telephony and converged technology solutions to the business enterprises community in North America. They sell and mange and implements data, voice and converged products for networking. It offers switch maintenance, line test/replay/diagnostics, trunk diagnostics/repair/test, technical support services and onsite maintenance. Shared Technologies offers converged networking, data networking, voice networking, unified messaging, unified communication voice mails, security management solutions, disaster recovery, contact centre and custom development application., PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is among the largest accounting network organization in world. PwC consist of almost 770 offices in more than 150 countries. Assurance (including financial and regulatory reporting), tax, and advisory are three business lines for the PwC to provide accountancy to the clients.

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