Tips on How to Build Customer Loyalty

Tips on How to Build Customer Loyalty

Loyalty Strategist Roger Brooks, author of ‘The Power of Loyalty: 10 Essential Steps to Build a Successful Customer Loyalty Strategy’ launched a press release titled ‘Five Loyalty Best Practices That Every Small Business Owner Should Know’ on July 26, 2010. According to Roger Brooks, there are common practices needed for success and are currently in practice by various industry leaders today.

Although Brook’s message touches on the power of building strategic loyalty programs within business structures that will strengthen and solidify tangible approaches towards customer loyalty, the message is also universal in that it reaches the message and platform of simple customer satisfaction.

What is Customer Satisfaction?

According to the Center for the Study of Social Policy website, “Customer satisfaction can be experienced in a variety of situations and connected to both goods and services. It is a highly personal assessment that is greatly affected by customer expectations. Satisfaction also is based on the customer’s experience of both contact with the organization (the “moment of truth” as it is called in business literature) and personal outcomes.”

An initial approach towards achieving customer satisfaction includes the process of evaluation:identifying areas of concern, how customers are treated, and transforming negative results into positive results where applicable. Secondly, build a system that says to the customer these are our benefits and here is what we have to offer. Thirdly, make clear and identify what the options. Find ways that will say to the customer, you are important and we value your service. Finally, equip staff members with the means and resources that will ensure delivery and success in a way that is friendly, courteous, and drenched with mutual respect.

Brook’s message in summary, touches five key elements deemed vital to the world of business and service; (1) treat customers, as you would want to be treated. (2) State the benefits and clarify what they are not, to avoid misunderstandings; (3) establish several options and make them known; (4) communicate your message to customers as well as staff members clearly and frequently; and (5) empower employees with the tools to action.

Companies looking to improve customer satisfaction with achievable results know the importance of addressing the issue. Understanding customer satisfaction is an integral part of business and among the key players to ongoing growth and continued success. Essentially, satisfied customers are the focal points that can make or break opportunities, repeat service, and more.

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