Echo Park (Medium Mysteries Book 1)

Echo Park (Medium Mysteries Book 1)

Presented by #1 bestselling author, J.R. Rain.


Pauline Ocean, from J.R. Rain’s acclaimed bestselling novel, THE BODY DEPARTED, returns in ECHO PARK as a world-class Medium to the living, but whose lifework is dedicated to helping the spirits go “Home.”

She’s not just a psychic, she’s an investigator, too. When Julie, a new client, comes to her about a disturbing recurring dream, Pauline has a murder case on her hands.

The souls of three ghosts are at stake:

Mack is the household haunter who irritates Pauline with his habit of knocking over furniture, but she’s secretly comforted by his friendship. Mack has an amusing request, and what he does in return for her reveals more of the secret life of spirits.

Mack brings Carla to Pauline for help. She’s a little girl with a tragic ending and an old soul. Carla touches Pauline’s heart with her stunning idea of how to set things right.

Michael is a vile young man with a dark past, and worst of all, the light has never come for him. And perhaps, it never will…

ECHO PARK is a poignant, darkly funny, satisfying read in the tradition of THE BODY DEPARTED.