A Freelance Writer’s Guide to Researching

A Freelance Writer’s Guide to Researching

A Freelance Writer's Guide to Researching

If you’re a freelance writer and you’re interested in learning about how you can research more effectively – and how you can take that research and turn it into multiple pieces of content – you’re in luck. This book outlines the process I use for every nonfiction piece I write that relies on research.

While I’m primarily a fiction author, I also write about many nonfiction topics for a variety of outlets. Publishing eArticles on the Kindle, pitching articles to magazines, learning how to write white papers, and blogging for profit are just a few of the ways you can utilize one set of research.

Many freelancers skimp on research because it takes so much time, and there are easier ways to churn out articles.

But good research leads to higher quality work, and higher quality work means bigger paychecks and faster sales cycles. That’s why it’s so crucial to learn how to research, and how to use that research effectively so you can maximize your time and earn more money.

While there are many ways of researching, and this research method is only one of them, it’s the research method that works for me in my freelance writing career, and so I decided to pass it along. I run a blog with readers in over fifty countries, and I’m always amazed at how many comments I receive telling me how helpful the advice there has been.

Research, though, takes a lot longer to thoroughly explain than a blog post or two will allow for. So, here’s your guide to the way I do research in one succinct package. I hope you’ll find something useful in it, even if you decide not to use the entire system.

There are plenty of how to books about small business, entrepreneurship, business writing, personal development, small business management, and many others. But I believe that a book about how to conduct research and write high quality content from it can help not only freelance writers, but any small business owner who wants to use the written word to improve their success.

A Freelance Writer's Guide to Researching

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