Just Grandma and Me 2.0 (Living Books)

Just Grandma and Me 2.0 (Living Books)

Mercer Mayer’s Just Grandma and Me

Product Information

Experience the charm of Mercer Mayer’s book Just Grandma and Me in an entirely new way! This interactive storybook on CD-ROM features hours of interactive fun and skill-building activities. In this endearing story, Little Critter and his Grandma spend a day at the beach where Little Critter rides a windblown umbrella, fends off a nasty crab, goes snorkeling and much more!

A Book That Talks & Plays with Your Child Living Books software is interactive, unique teaching tools that talk and play with your child in a way that traditional, one-dimensional books cannot. Knowing that each child learns differently, this multi-faceted approach connects with kids on several different levels.

Multilingual Option Builds Foreign Language Skills Switch among English, French, German and Spanish on any screen and at any time to build foreign language skills!

This delightful software is meticulously animated with hundreds of sketches, scenes, surprises and activities. Your child directs the action with just a click of the mouse. And littler ones can choose the Read-to-Me mode!

Product Highlights

As you go through each page of the story, you can click on numerous items on that page, e.g., on the page where they have buried grandma in the sand, you can click on the sky to see what comes out of the wild blue yonder, click on the pigs to hear what they do best, click on the volleyball to join in on the game, or click on grandma’s fee to tickle her toes and laugh right along with her!  

Your child will enjoy countless hours of fun in this interactive story of Just Grandma and Me.  Also fun for adults to sit with a child and enjoy the animated story.

Product Features

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