Keyword Research Tools To Find The Right Keywords For SEO

Keyword Research Tools To Find The Right Keywords For SEO

Keyword Research Tools To Find The Right Keywords For SEO

Keyword Research Tools To Find The Right Keywords For SEOSEO is a very important part of getting finest exposure for your website. One of the key ways through which SEO can be done successfully is with the help of keywords. The long tailed keywords are trending now in the niche of SEO as they bring potential traffic to the website which ensures conversion. It is important to have the right keywords included in the contents that are posted on your website which are relevant to your niche so that the traffic it attracts are also of good quality. Here are the best tools that help you in finding keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

Google has got some tools which can make it easier for conducting keyword research and most of these tools are available for free. Keyword Planner is the finest tool you can start with especially if the focus is on AdWords which can be used for some campaigns. When you are inputting one keyword or the multiple keywords, he website address can be included in the Keyword Planer. Google can split out the list of the related keywords along with various simple metrics for gauging the competition around each one and can have many searches if that can gets on in global as well as local level of search. It can even show historical statistics too.

Google Trends

Google trends is a free tool available from the search engine giant Google. It can let you enter so many keywords and let that get filtered based on category, search history and location. This tool helps you in understanding the web interest there with that particular keyword that has created the interest.


Keyword Tool is another best online keyword research tool but if you are all into to finding some long tailed keywords then you can make use of it. It is free to use the basic version of this tool without even creating an account.

Term Explorer

Term explorer can be helpful in offering deepest research reports with any keyword that is available for keyword research tool with market. Single seed term which can be getting over the keyword variations. Tool can do great job by keeping results which are relevant in pulling through so many supporting metrics with those. It is given with data for all results that are on page one of the search engines results pages that include the number of the results, keyword difficulty, trust score and link strength. It can help in getting a handle on competitors so that you can use this tool for researching domain age, link etc.

Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Tool

The keyword difficulty tool which is available from Moz is really one among those useful components that of paid suite. It has got fantastic resource for analyzing competitiveness associated with the keyword and for unearthing the fruit that is low hanging. Use Edusson Help Guides to find the best professional keyword research tools.


It is a research tool that is competitive in nature that can help in keeping eye on the competitors keywords for finding opportunities for bumping them out for top position in the best search engines.


It is similar to SEMrush but comes with some bonuses and intuitive design. Site explorer which is part of this tool can help you in finding URL rating and also domain rating for the website.


This is the keyword rank tracking tool that has got key differentiator that can help in making things extremely precise. If you are spending so many hours monitoring rank progression of the keywords, you may save quite a good amount of time.

HubSpot’s Keywords Tool

Hubspot comes with a keywords tool within the software. It helps in finding keywords and identifying the best for optimizing the website. It can also help in tracking the results from each of these keywords.

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