Managing Your Online Reputation On Social Media

Managing Your Online Reputation On Social Media


Once a company has committed to social media marketing, started accounts and devoted the time necessary to get the job done right, a very common problem is what to tweet or post about to ensure that your online reputation and ranking is always effective.  There are all kinds of advice out there telling companies to offer Facebook-only sales, Twitter secret sales, and a slew of other competitions and sales.  While those might be great occasionally followers want more.

Social Media Marketing Content Tip #1

social-media-reputation-managementPretend that whatever social media site-du-jour is a story, the friends, followers, subscribers or fans are the characters and one’s company is the author.  By letting the characters drive the narrative a more interesting story will emerge. Follow what one’s customer base is following. Let their interests and trends become the company’s interests and trends.  In short, write about what is interesting at the moment to the audience. This is one of the best ways of ensuring that your online reputation is considered high authority.

Social Media Marketing Content Tip #2

Stay positive.  That cannot be stressed enough.  While personality is a great asset on social media and should definitely be utilized in social media marketing the personalities displayed should never be downers.  No one wants to hear bad news.  No one wants to buy from the bearer of bad news.  In the same way, no matter the topic the company should take the high road and keep things civil and clean.  With very few exceptions those following a social media page do not want to read vulgarity or trash talk. Make sure that your online reputation is squeaky clean at all times.

Social Media Marketing Content Tip #3

This tip is an old marketing tip that every company should already be fully aware of, but just for good measure it can be reviewed.  Products do not sell anything. Solutions sell.  Rather than focus all of one’s energy professing to the wonderment and power of a product or service a company should center their social media marketing strategies on solving their customer’s problems.  The art form in this type of marketing and writing is to present a problem (with a solution of course) without coming across negative.

Social Media Marketing Content Tip #4

Even the best companies with the best intentions and even better writers mess up occasionally.  When this happens in a post or tweet it is almost always caught by a close-watching follower. When – not if – one’s company’s social media page unintentionally posts the wrong information or commits a faux pas they should own up to it immediately.  The quicker a company can admit blame and move on the sooner the incident will become history. Dealing with bad press and negative reviews must be done immediately to ensure online reputation protection.

Social Media Marketing Content Tip #5

One would think that any employee working in a marketing or public relations capacity in a company would have excellent social skills. Unfortunately this is not the case.  While many types of marketing do not require a lot of social interaction social media does.  The person responsible for posting comments, responding to comments and analyzing trends in customers’ habits within social media absolutely has to have stellar social skills.  This cannot be overstated enough.  In a certain sense this one person is representing the entire company and can either take sales to an all time high or do irreversible damage.
With social media marketing such a high-stakes game for companies across the globe making sure that one’s company is going about it right should be a top priority.  After a social media marketing plan is set and strategies determined the right person should set about posting interesting, positive and witty comments immediately.  There are several more tips for content on sites like Facebook and Twitter but the five mentioned here should be followed without fail.  Social media marketing can and will work as long as the goals reflect the unique position in which companies find themselves when creating a social media account.
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