The Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

The Best WordPress Gallery Plugins


WordPress is a popular and easy to use CMS that is a perfect choice both for professional webmasters and people far from being IT savvy. The beauty of WP lies in its user friendliness and extensibility. No matter what functionality element you need, you will definitely find it as a WordPress plugin. We all like it when a site has nice images. Sometimes, it may be quite difficult to upload and publish a great amount of images to a WordPress site. Yet, the problem is solved if you have a WordPress gallery plugin. But which one to choose if there are tons of them out there? I’ll help you out a little bit with this review. So, check this out.


The most important thing about FlippingBook – -is to decide whether or not you actually need it. This is a professionally designed plugin that a simple site might not probably need. Let me make myself clear. A book that can flip pages is great for sites with lots of images or even online magazines that should offer superb user experience.

What kind of experience? Well, imagine you turn over pages of a real book! Now imagine you do that on a website. How comfortable it is to just flip photos as if in a book rather than to click on each? FlippingBook will gather all the pics you have uploaded and make a nice book or an album you can share with your visitors. Sounds great, huh?

It should be admitted that FlippingBook is a paid plugin, but it is not too expensive and you know exactly what you are paying for. By the way, there is a live demo of it, so you can experiment with the plugin before making any purchase decision.


Grand Flagallery

This is one of the best plugins to upload and manage images a WP site. Moreover, it’s not just about uploading images. You can upload videos and even banners. The admin console is quite intuitive, so odds are that you won’t face any difficulties. With Grand Flagallery your site will look professional, especially if this site’s mission is to show images, your portfolio or a family album for example. Do not worry about design. The plugin look and feel is highly customizable, so you will find many ways for it to fit your site design and color scheme. Grand Flagallery is an overall nice plugin that will meet needs of the pickiest users. Canyon Gallery (skin) will help you to easily add gallery to your WordPress website or blog.

Lightbox Gallery

Lightbox is a pretty standard plugin. However, do not be mislead by its simplicity. It is simple but powerful. If you do not need any unnecessary settings and functionality, Lightbox is what you should get. This is a great plugin for ordinary sites that do not use too many images. For instance, you may only need to open images in a pop up window and nothing more. Why purchase or download complex plugins with several tabs of settings that will probably drive you nuts? The Lightbox WordPress plugin does exactly what it is supposed to do. More more, no less. See also The CSS3 Lightbox is a jQuery plugin for transition driven animation.

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