The Versatility Of WordPress And Web Design For Businesses And Bloggers

The Versatility Of WordPress And Web Design For Businesses And Bloggers


WordPress started as just another blogging platform, but it has evolved to be much more than that. It’s presently used as the back-end for countless businesses due to the efficient way it operates.

The main strength that WordPress presents for business is the ability to be customized. Everything from the code that powers it to the little features the individual layouts present can be tailored to the needs of the individual or group using it.



The Versatility Of WordPress And Web Design

This customization extends to web design. WordPress websites can be altered in a limitless amount of ways to make one layout as different as night is to day when compared to another layout. These changes can occur without modifying any of the information contained on the pages, headers or other parts of the website, which means that website maintenance and page creation can occur independently of a web designer’s role.

Let’s explore everything WordPress can do in terms of web design to fully understand why it’s one of the best applications for businesses big and small to use for their websites.

WordPress and Content Management

With traditional websites, web design and content were intertwined. Editing a page required at least some knowledge of web design and coding to ensure that the page stayed presentable.

This meant that even minor changes to pages required the skills of web designers.

WordPress deviated from this. Web design and content management are kept separate through the use of PHP and database technology like MySQL. This allows content to remain unaltered when a web design is changed, and layouts to remain unaltered when content is changed.

Switching Designs With a Button

Given this separation between content and design, another feature of WordPress evolved. The ability to switch designs and to see how different layouts would look can occur with just a few clicks of a button.

Even external layouts that may be hosted on other websites can be previewed, which in turn makes it both easier and safer to test how a layout would appear. This makes testing new designs easier for individuals and small businesses while allowing large businesses to test new designs behind the scenes without affecting their customers in a negative way.

Customized Utility

Another exciting feature WordPress brings to the table is the ability to be customized in terms of functionality. Things like polls, galleries, slideshow presentations, and even email opt-in forms can seamlessly be added to a website in the form of plugins.

These plugins can then have layouts designed for them. This can allow them to fit seamlessly on a page, at the end of a post, or in a pop-up window of their own. They can add the functionality that websites crave without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Web Design as an Investment

As stated earlier, web designs were intertwined with content. You could not edit content without running the risk that you might spoil the web design it used.

With WordPress, you need only ensure that your web design works with your version of WordPress to use it. You can then continue to use it no matter how much content you add.

This is the greatest draw of WordPress for smaller businesses. While web design may still remain somewhat costly, it becomes a one-time cost rather than an additional position you must keep staffed. Anyone in your business, with the right permissions, can take care of editing content, posting new pictures and running the upkeep on your website without being versed in web design.

WordPress Makes the Modern Business Better

WordPress brings countless advantages to the table regardless of the size of your business. Utilizing it will allow your business to expand in ways you may never have imagined before while retaining the ability to stay incredibly cost-effective.

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