Top 5 Mobile Messaging Applications

Top 5 Mobile Messaging Applications


With the massive growth of smartphone use over the past decade we have been continually looking for new and improved ways to communicate with each other. The simple text message is a thing of the past and we now want to share media, participate in group discussions and see each other over video calls. Not only this but the world is becoming a much smaller place and the average person regularly needs to communicate with someone overseas.  Mobile Messaging applications have evolved to accommodate these needs and offer us some great ways to connect with each other. In this article we explore the top five Mobile Messaging platforms on the market today.



WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is easily the most diverse mobile messaging product available today. It allows us to communicate with each other in a whole range of different ways and on a range of different devices. You can use voice, text, group discussion and share media files. WhatsApp has a “Sync” function allowing you to instantly synchronise contacts and other content with another device. All messaging is done over an internet connection so use of WhatsApp Messenger is completely free. WhatsApp is able to access your mobile phone contacts so fully integrates with your phone software.  You can see who else in your contacts list uses the application and instantly start communicating with them using it.

WhatsApp Messenger has recently been bought out by Facebook. The social media giant purchased the product for a huge $19 billion and we are yet to see what they intend to do with it. With over 500 million users WhatsApp is one of the most widely used platforms available and you are sure to find your friends on there.


Skype is one of the original messaging platforms and is the preferred choice for the majority of businesses. In recent years the Skype platform has received something of an overhaul following its purchase by computer giants Microsoft. Microsoft bought out Skype with the intention of doing away with its MSN Messenger platform and now users can sign into Skype with either their Skype or MSN user IDs. Skype allows you to communicate with your contacts, create group discussions and make phone calls both to internet devices and even mobile networks. Skype is used by many businesses due to its unrivalled video conferencing facility.

The Skype mobile platform allows you to do more or less everything you can do with the desktop version on your phone or tablet. The two versions of the product work together so you can participate in a group discussion on your computer and then continue it on your mobile. One of your contacts can call you from their desktop pc and you can receive it on your phone. One of the only downsides to Skype is that it does not integrate with your mobile phone contacts. You have to log into the application itself to use its features. Due to its time in the market place and reliability Skype is one of the most popular mobile messaging services for both personal and business use.


Viber was one of the original mobile messaging applications to allow calls and text messages to be made over the internet rather than using a mobile network. This was a real breakthrough when it first came into play as it allowed free international calls as long as you had a WIFI connection on your phone. This meant that you didn’t have to worry about huge phone bills when you returned from you holiday.

Viber uses your mobile phone number as your login and looks in your contacts for other users with the application installed. When you select a contact from your list it will give you the option to call them over the internet using Viber or by standard phone call. Viber allows the use of emotions, stickers, voice and video messaging. You can participate in group messages and follow public groups. Viber have recently released a desktop application for both Windows and Mac that allows you to contact mobile devices from a desktop computer. Since its initial release Viber has been somewhat overtaken by some of its competitors but is still one of the best mobile messaging platforms available.


Not technically a mobile messaging application but the communication power of Twitter is second to none. Twitter allows you to communicate privately with your peers or even send messages to the world. It gives you the ability to follow anyone you are interested in hearing from and they can follow you back. You can search conversation topics and join in open discussions.

With Twitter you can share different forms of content like videos, images and web links and it makes online resources truly viral. It is important to be aware with Twitter that the majority of conversations are public and to only discuss things that you are happy for everyone to see. Twitter is available on a whole range of devices from the standard website to mobiles and tablets. It now even appears as an application built into some cars! With the communication power of Twitter many businesses are now using its messaging capabilities to promote their brands.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an application specifically designed for use on mobile devices. Originally users were required to log into a Facebook account online to communicate with other people in their friend lists but it is now open to communication between mobile devices. You simply download the app and enter your phone number. You can then chat, message and send media content to other mobiles with the Facebook app installed or to Facebook users online.

Facebook Messenger is free, easy to use and conversations are kept private between you and your contacts. Group discussions are possible and your media can be shared between a number of your friends at the same time. Facebook Messenger does feel like an application and perhaps doesn’t have the ability to sit in the background of your mobile device like WhatsApp or Viber but is still one of the best Mobile Messenger applications out there. With so many of us addicted to Facebook it is an essential add-on to the social media experience. With Facebook’s recent purchase of WhatsApp it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Facebook Messenger.

The list of available Mobile Messaging applications is getting bigger by the day with an ever growing list of features.  Whatever your messaging needs one of these top five products will almost certainly get you connected.

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