Top Reasons For Outsourcing Your IT Needs

Top Reasons For Outsourcing Your IT Needs


Outsourcing has many advantages, not least access to expert specialists, cost reduction and enhanced business performance, however there are downsides. IT managed service providers offer a wide range of services beyond simple IT support, however, you are looking to make a business decision based on the facts. Before you make the decision to outsource your IT support, look at these main factors to consider before you make a final decision.



The Major Factors to Consider for Outsourcing IT for your Business

#1 Cost Reduction and Stability
For many businesses, the cost of establishing and maintaining an in-house IT department (or single person) far outweighs the cost of outsourcing. In addition to the establishment costs, you will also have to handle recruitment and retention, incentives, sick leave and benefits plus the training which is required to maintain skills.
Compared to outsourcing your IT needs, establishing an in-house operation is extremely expensive, and cost savings are not possible unless you have a very large operation.

#2 Access to Specialist Skills and Experience
Demands for IT support and services will fluctuate, at times there will not be enough work for your IT team, while at others they will be inundated. Additionally, IT is a very broad area and it is impossible for any one person to maintain skills in every area, nor can they maintain too broad a set of skills due to the high rate of change within the industry.

You do not want to go to a spine surgeon when you want a brain operation, and in either case, you won’t want a general practitioner when you need a specialist. The same applies here – someone who is a general practitioner will be out of their depth, if there is a major issue with the firewall and perimeter security.

#3 Concentrate on Running Your Business not IT
IT is a complex and wide-ranging niche, and it requires specialists skills, high levels of expertise and training. In addition, the risk of getting something wrong has very serious ramifications on your ability to conduct business. Imagine what would happen if you lost email for a day? Now imagine if you lost your IT resources for a week? What would happen to your business if someone was able to hack your data and steal all of your customer information?

You trust yourself to run your business – do you really trust yourself to run your IT?

#4 Increases Uptime and IT Contribution
By outsourcing your IT, you will gain access to a team of specialists who bring an holistic approach to taking care of your IT infrastructure. Specialist knowledge and a pool of talent and experience, means you are more likely to have continuous uptime of your network and critical business applications. In the event something does happen to your IT infrastructure, you also have a team of engineers who will rapidly respond to get the problem located and fixed.

By also leveraging the best of what IT has to offer, you will also find your staff are more collaborative and productive. Business disruption will be minimized due to more rigorous maintenance and the ability to optimize the productivity and utility to be gained from your IT assets. Overall, leading to increased productivity, higher levels of ROI and ultimately increased profitability.

Jane Wrythe is a business and technology writer who is currently focusing on Managed IT Services, as provided by Swift Software.