Studio Press Review: Making Your Money Work

StudioPress ReviewThere are many word press themes that you can use to make your website unique. For this reason, it becomes difficult to choose a good WordPress theme provider. Ever heard of StudioPress? If so, you must be quite impressed with it and if you have never heard about it, you are lucky to be hearing this. Studio press is one of the best word press theme provider in the internet today. It is great and easy to use making it suitable for even those who have never worked with HTML or web design.

Studio press was started by Brian Gardner and has a team of six professionals who specialize in design, WordPress and graphic art. This company offers two major themes; the classic theme and the child theme. Under the classic theme, there are 4 choices of design while the child theme has 24.

The Genesis theme framework is an exciting opportunity that helps you too customize your website. Genesis framework is also SEO optimized. I fact each theme that studio press offers is SEO optimized and this ensures that it ranks well in the major search engines such as Google. The Genesis Framework automatically updates your code so that you are fully optimized and up to date without having to think about it every now and then. Generally when you talk about the Genesis Framework at StudioPress, you are talking about:

  • Easily and instantly updating your site
  • Easily customizing your site
  • Widgets that makes it easy to add functionality such as sidebars
  • Starting advertising just by inserting the advertising code
  • Theme options that allow you to  adjust critical  options on your website
  • Making commenting much easier using Gravatar integration and threaded comments
  • Being able to adjust the size of featured images and much more

With the child theme you can instantly update how your site looks without interfering with the core genesis functionality because the design and the core code are kept separate. This ensures that you do no need a developer or a designer to help you out.

The theme graphics blend perfectly with the theme because they are of high resolution. Genesis framework has enabled developers to feature their theme design in StudioPress. With the genesis framework, you can be sure that your website is safe from harking and any malicious damage because the framework is secure.

The range of prices offered by StudioPress ensures that the themes are affordable. You can purchase child themes individually or purchase the entire theme pack, which includes access to those developed in the future.

To make it easy to integrate the new theme to your website, StudioPress offers to its members an easy to understand and yet detailed tutorial on the themes. If you have any questions, studio press has a support forum where you post your question and it is answered by a team of more than 20 moderators from different parts of the world. Surely with all these and many other benefits, StudioPress is the way to go folks.


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