The Advantages of Being a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a great career opportunity if you are creative and organized.  The truth is that there are many advantages to being a freelance writer, which is why many people decide to try their hand at writing in the hopes of one day quitting their 9-5 job.

Career: Freelance Writer Benefits

Here is just a small list of some of the good things about being a freelance writer:

ŸYou can be there for your family when they need you.  It can be difficult juggle both family and work obligations, even if you have a wonderful boss and very healthy children.  Being a freelance writer simplifies this juggling act because your schedule is flexible enough to accommodate things like dentist appointments, teacher conferences and award assemblies.  You don’t have to worry about whether or not you will have enough vacation time to cover your work absence while you stay at home with your very ill child.

ŸYou work for yourself.  When you are a freelance writer, you are self-employed or working for yourself.  The best thing about freelance writing is that the costs involved with starting up a writing business are very minimal.  With a computer, a printer, and some basic office supplies, you too can start your own freelance writing business.  Working for yourself also means that you get to call the shots instead of waiting for the guy in the cubicle down the hall to tell you what to do.

ŸEach day is different.  Freelance writers get to do something different each day.  Each day you get to write different articles about different topics for different editors.  No more boring days doing the same old thing for the same old boss in the same old cubicle!

ŸYou get to learn new things.  If you like to learn and explore the world around you, freelance writing is a great job.  On any given day, you might be interviewing homeschoolers, talking to volunteers at the local aquarium via telephone, or researching the latest therapy techniques online which could help autistic children.

ŸYou get to meet interesting people.  One of the best things about working as a freelance writer is the fact that you get to meet interesting people, including other freelance writers.  Networking is important when you are a freelance writer as your contacts can help you to get other freelance writing jobs.

ŸYou get to dress casually.  Yes, it is possible to work in your pajamas if you really want to do that.  Most freelance writers would agree that while working in pajamas isn’t necessarily the norm, working in casual clothes is pretty much standard practice.

Sometimes breaking into writing isn’t as easy as it might sound, which is why you might want to hire someone to train you in technical writing. Click here to learn how you can protect yourself from anyone you hire.


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