Top Five Marketing Ideas for a New Business

business-marketing-ideasStarting a business is not easy it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and determination. However there is nothing more pleasurable and confidence building than having your own business. Starting it from scratch, putting in the hard work and seeing it grow. Lots of people will claim having a successful business is down to luck, the old theory of ‘being in the right place at the right time’. Yes, I do understand luck does play a part in being successful but even with the best product in the world you have to know how to sell and market it correctly. Marketing your business correctly is one of the most vital things you should do as a new business and is worth the investment of money and time.


When starting a business it is important that you create an identity for yourself. Obviously the type of branding depends on the type of business that you have. Choosing the right name and slogan is very important; don’t choose anything too over the top stick to a suitable name for your market place. Look at your competitors and rate them on their strength and weaknesses of their branding. By doing this you’re instantly coming up with ideas and things that you want to stay clear of.

Open Day

Having a launch or an open day is a fantastic idea and will instantly get people talking about your business. Target your local area or your key clientele and invite them to come and meet you in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Instantly your getting your name out there even to the people that don’t attend they will be aware of you because you have invited them. Getting the local press involved in a great way to drum up new business also, you will be surprised how much interest you will have. In this current economical climate the public are more interested in new businesses and especially local businesses and view it as something of an encouraging sign and will want to help support you.

Online Presence

Marketing online for any business, however big or small, new or old it is vital. Staring with a simple Facebook page and twitter is good; the old fashioned word of mouth marketing is the basis of a lot of online media marketing. I would recommend to research into creating a website for your business. There are lots of companies that will manage your online marketing and will create a website for you. Think about how you research things? We always look at the website. Having a professional easy to use website is really important as you don’t want to loose customers purely on the weakness of your online presence.

Special Offers / Return Customers

Your clients are your business and without them your business will not work. Value your clients and reward their custom from day one. Special offers are a fantastic way of doing this, people love to feel that they are getting a better deal than everyone else and you will be surprised how much custom you will get with this. Always treat your return customers like royalty, people love to feel not only like their getting a better deal than every one else but also that they are more important. Remember clients will be loyal to you if you treat them well.


Merchandise for your business can benefit you in many ways. When starting out it will give you an air of professionalism and quality, people are drawn to this. Use your merchandise to support and enhance your brand. Think about giving personalised merchandise to potential clients or returning clients. People love to feel they are getting something free and this is a great way to get your business out there and also to secure clients.

Guest Post by Daisy Burgess – Professional blogger offering advice on the advantages of products such as promotional mugs


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