Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the latest offering from the retail giant. It is an eBook reader and much more. The latest iPad officially called “The New iPad” and often referred to by the public as the iPad 3, is the third incarnation of the trendsetter in tablet computing. Kindle also still offers standard eBook readers that use the ink style of display. Which one should a person get to read eBooks?

The Kindle Devices

Kindle offers two platforms. One uses a screen that displays in grayscale, mimicking the look of paper and ink of a book. It is not a display that projects light like regular computer monitors and tablet computers do. This is a plus for reading outside in bright sunlight. However, it does not display color and has limited means of displaying the feature rich content of modern eBooks.

The other Kindle platform is the tablet-style of the Kindle Fire. It has a touchscreen and a lighted display. This makes it easy to click and view eBook features such as embedded videos. Also, it has a built-in web browser, making it easy to click on hyperlinks in eBooks and be directed to the Internet-based content to view it. The other Kindles have limited browser capability.

The iPad Devices

The iPad platform from Apple is the one that set the standard for all other tablet computers to follow. Apple is often maligned for its tight control over what users can do under the hood of their devices. The idea behind it is actually good. It forces software (app) developers to make their products easy to use for the masses with a lot of thought put into graphics and intuitive use. A new iPad user can confidently use the device within minutes due to its design as well as the requirements for the design of the applications its uses.

The basic version of the New iPad costs at least doubles that of the Kindle Fire visit tesco online for prices. However, the Kindle Fire is designed to be a device to consume content mainly from Amazon. The iPad has a much higher resolution display, a better central processor and uses Apple’s iO6 operating system, which is stable and easy to use. The Kindle Fire and iPad both can download and use common applications (apps). However, the Kindle Fire has a limited set of apps it can use that have been checked to work on the device and its operating system, which is based on Google’s Android software.

James is a Designer/Writer based in London.